You can find me on the road in the next few months lecturing, consulting, or teaching workshops at the following places:

21 August, 2018
San Rafael, CA
Guest Speakeron CArole Dean's Blog Talk Radio program, The Art of Film Fundin, 10 am PDT.THE ART OF FUNDING

22 August, 2018
San Rafael, CA
Facilitate Star Academy strategic planning Team meeting.


I do work with film and video makers individually on a wide range of topics. I prefer to help a filmmaker work on everything that goes into making a career (focus, long range goals, marketing/p.r., fundraising, distribution, etc.). However, many people, approach me wanting specific advice on fundraising for a specific project, which I am happy to do as well.

For all new clients I need to begin the relationship with an INITIAL CONSULTATION, for which I charge a flat fee of $600 for the Initial Consultation, or $1,000 for the Initial Consultation plus 3 hours of follow-up assistance. This consultation consists of the filmmaker first sending me as much of the following material as possible:

1. Your personal MISSION STATEMENT as a filmmaker (one sentence, and I can provide examples); and a list of what you feel are your CORE VALUES.

2. Brief description of what you want to be doing 5 years from now.

3. Information about the project you are currently making. Just pretend I'm a foundation and either send me a copy of a recent grant proposal or as much of following as you have together: description of project, its audience, your distribution plan, resumés of key people and a detailed BUDGET.

4. Your RESUMÉ.

5. PRESS CLIPPINGS about yourself and/or your project and/or your crew.

6. A list of questions you want to ask me and/or the topics you'd like to cover.

7. List of places that have rejected your proposal, places that are currently considering your proposal, and list of places/people you intend to approach.

8. If you are using a video clip for fundraising, I can look at a 5-10 min. portion.

Your check or money order for $600 must accompany these materials before our first session. After I receive and read the materials I will arrange a time for you to call me long distance (or meet in person) and we will spend two hours together, during which I will give you my impression of your materials, suggestions for changes and next steps, and answer your questions.

At the end of this session you will have a good idea of what I think you should be doing next, what kind of help you might need and whether or not you will want to work with me any further. I also will know whether or not I can be of any further help to you and if your projects fit within my areas of interest. Any further work can either be done on a per-hour basis or a retainer to be used on a regular basis over a 6-12 month period of time. More questions? Just e-mail and I promise to get back to you soon.


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