Morrie Warshawski is a consultant, facilitator and writer who has spent 30 years specializing in the nonprofit sector. His work is characterized by a commitment to the core values of creativity, thoughtfulness, tolerance and transparency. Warshawski works with nonprofits that are having difficulty achieving their goals. He helps them reach their dreams through strategic planning


Long Range Strategic Planning-Design and
Implementation of the Planning Process
Facilitation of Meetings and Retreats
Research and Writing
Consulting on all Aspects of Nonprofit
Administration (board development, staff training,
grantsmanship, foundation relations)

Warshawski's clients represent an eclectic mix of agencies large and small, throughout the US. Recent assignments have come from: Habitat for Humanity San Francisco, President's Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, The National Endowment for the Arts, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Mississippi Arts Commission (for complete listing see RESUM…/CLIENTS page).

His writing/editing credits include: A STATE ARTS AGENCY PLANNING TOOLKIT (National Assembly of State Arts Agencies); creation of LESSONS LEARNED: A PLANNING TOOLSITE for the National Endowment for the Arts; SHAKING THE MONEY TREE: HOW TO GET GRANTS AND DONATIONS FOR FILM AND VIDEO, and THE FUNDRAISING HOUSEPARTY; and articles in a number of publications (Grantmakers in the Arts Newsletter, San Francisco Examiner, Foundation News and many others).

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